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my epic bucketlist.com

Hello friends! 

This website belongs to me Chris Hillier aka; Hickey (nickname). 

I am an adventurous, travel-happy, fitness-minded person who lives his life by his Bucket list. 

A snippet about me: Born and raised in England, I set out at a young age to connect with as many cultures and people as possible. I have worked and lived in 9 countries on 5 continents which have taught me how to communicate successfully with different cultures and individuals. It also trained me in how to adapt quickly and learn behavioral flexibility. My genuine desire for understanding other's needs and goals, and help them reach them, are at the core of what drives me both personally and professionally. I am passionate about travel, sports,especially rugby and running, business and adventures.

I created this site because I have a Bucket list for life that I want to share with everyone and encourage you to make one too! Click the tab above to check out the Bucket list.