What Epic thing have

you done lately? 

my epic bucketlist.com

Hello friends! 

This epicness of a website belongs to me Chris Hillier aka; Hickey (nickname). 

I am an adventurous, travel-happy, fitness-minded person who lives his life by his Bucket list. 

A snippet about me: I am passionate about travel, sports -especially rugby and running, business and adventures. I have been traveling and working around the world in England, Australia, Guatemala, Colombia, Brazil, New Zealand and Singapore for the last 10 years.  I also enjoy personal development, fancy dress parties, music festivals, meeting new people, traveling and educational seminars.​

I created this site because I have a Bucket list for life that I want to share with everyone and encourage you to make one too! Click the tab above to check out the Bucket list.

Come see the world with me...