What is a Bucket list?

A Bucket list is a list of all the goals you want to achieve, dreams you want to fulfill and life experiences you desire to do before you die. It can be simple things like travel on a train to more far flung ideas such as travel into space. It is all up to the person writing the list. 

How to make a Bucket list?

I highly recommend you to make a Bucket list. A Bucket list allows you to bring direction, focus and purpose to your life by writing down all the things you want to do and experience in life. It will not cost you anything and will take only an hour or so to make a good start on it! If you already have one then see if there are any new ones you want to add on to yours!

To get going ask yourself questions like:

  • What places or countries would you like to visit? 
  • What experiences would you wish to do before you die?
  • ​What do you want to achieve in areas such as Love, Family, Career, Health, Experiences. 
  • What are your biggest goals?
  • What skills do you want to learn?
  • What do you want to see in person?

Start off with simple things and then look to expand to your more ambitious goals. If you would like some inspiration check out our favourite goals I have written below and also the links to my Bucket list to give you some ideas for your own Bucket list. 

my epic bucketlist.com

What Epic thing have

you done lately? 

Why make a Bucket list?

Bucket list opens up your world, it's a list of anything and everything you've ever wanted to do, whether it's big, small or random!
​If you don't live your life till the fullest, chances are you spend most of your time caught up on meaningless activities. Ever feel your days passing you by? What did you accomplish in the past 3 months? What are your upcoming goals? Look at the things you did and the things you're planning to do! Having a Bucket list reminds you of what's really important to you!

bucket list favourites..(click here for full Bucket list)

My favorite Bucketlist ticks so far have been 

  • Diving in Thailand
  • Paragliding in Queenstown, NZ
  • Feeding a Rhino a Banana with my hands
  • Visiting Angkor Wat, Cambodia
  • Watching the Rugby World Cup Final in NZ, 2011